How to change the time on your Fitbit

Your Fitbit wellness tracker or smartwatch is in excess of a pedometer – just as all the wellness information it can deliver, it’s presumable additionally your approach to tell the time as well.

Regularly you can discover your Fitbit is showing the mistaken time. Regardless of whether it’s because of Daylight Savings or you’ve ventured out to another timezone, you may discover the tracker has changed to some unacceptable time.

As opposed to leaving it for a half year until the time’s privilege once more, you can entirely just change the time on your wellness tracker. To do that, we’ve given you a full guide beneath that will show you how to switch up the time on your Fitbit.

Most importantly, ensure your Fitbit is matched up to your telephone

On the off chance that it’s not, switch on all-day sync in the Settings of the Fitbit application

Or then again physically sync the tracker by pulling down when you see your tracker in the application

On the off chance that that doesn’t work, you’ll have the physically set the time (as we clarify underneath)

Step by step instructions to change the time on your Fitbit

The most straightforward approach to change the time on your tracker is to synchronize it up to your telephone. You’ll discover your gadget will frequently do this consequently, and that is the means by which the tracker moves data so you can separate it inside the application.

At the point when your tracker adjusts with your telephone, it’ll likewise refresh the time. We suggest keeping all-day sync on in the alternatives for your Fitbit, which should mean it pings for the duration of the day and keeps you on the right time

To physically adjust your tracker, you’ll need to open up the Fitbit application and discover the image of whatever tracker you need to synchronize. Tap on that – it should be at the highest point of the screen – and afterward pull down to revive.

After a couple of seconds, your gadget ought to match up to your tracker on the off chance that it’s close by and, at that point, ideally, update the chance to the perfect time region too.

Imagine a scenario in which that doesn’t work.

On the off chance that that hasn’t worked, you’ll need to physically set your time region. Fortunately this isn’t too hard to even think about doing.

On the off chance that you head into the Fitbit application, you’ll discover a symbol that seems as though a little ID card that says ‘Record’. It’s frequently in the base right hand corner.

Inside this menu, press ‘Progressed Settings’ and discover the choice that says ‘Time Region’. From inside here, you’ll need to kill the choice that says ‘Set Automatically’ and afterward you’ll have the option to change the ‘Time Region’ to whatever you need it to show.

You’ll at that point need to synchronize your gadget, similar to we’ve clarified above, for the update to take.

How would you change from 12 hour to a 24 hour clock?

This is a simple change to make as well, and you’ll have the option to do it through the authority Fitbit site. Snap on this connection, and sign in with your authority Fitbit account subtleties to raise your Profile.

In the upper right, you’ll see a little gear-tooth symbol that you should press on and afterward pick ‘Settings’ in the accompanying menu.

Look down through your subtleties, and you’ll discover a choice called ‘Clock Display Time’. In the event that you push on this, you’ll at that point have the option to switch between 12 hour and 24 hour tickers effortlessly.

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